...we simply do the work so you don’t have to. Tell us the outcomes you desire and we will put together the what, who, where and how and then we will tell you why. When you green light an initiative, we simply execute on your behalf.  @theEVENTtown, we see every action as part of the execution of your larger business strategy. We see every engagement as an opportunity to reach out to your larger audience, as well as create an intimate interaction with targeted potential and existing customers. 

theEVENTtown is the melding of events services and business advisory to create the ultimate platform for your small business to engage with its stakeholders, validate your strategy and move your business forward.

We believe that a win-win situation for all is created when businesses and stakeholders (customers, owners, suppliers and regulators)  have a balanced communicative relationship.

When you partner @theEVENTtown for your initiative, your unique experience will include:

  • In depth knowledge of your target audience.
  • Interactive digital engagement build up to your activities.
  • A pragmatic execution of your event
  • Targeted audience follow up.
  • Access to our partnership of events services and business advisory technical network.

Our ultimate goal is for your business stakeholders to experience your brand and value proposition positively through the delivery of your events and as part of your strategy towards transformational growth.